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To empower each and every individual with the knowledge of Artificial Intelligence


Augment the vast resources available at IIT with industry experience of our knowledge partners, in order to create a workforce of authentic AI professionals who will expedite the transformation of Indian industry into the AI Age

The Ikigai Lab

If one’s passion becomes their profession, a noble one at that they have hit Ikigai. Provided they practice their skill to mastery. It is bigger than all the fortune one can attain because it solves the question of ‘purpose’ for the seeker.Ikigai needs to be found.

Which means there is action involved. The Ikigai Lab is about that action.


IIT Kanpur

EICT Academy, IIT Kanpur

Shoolini University

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A-116, The Corenthum A-65,

Sector 62

Noida 201301

UP, India

Phone: +91 8882050481


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