AI Idee8 and Innov8 Workshop

Empowering Industries to adopt AI

This is designed for senior officers who have little time and need to grasp maximum. The workshop will be free from general information for which Pre-reads are provided and it will focus only on the application of concepts. The workshop has been designed after seeking feedback
from industry leaders. Hence, this workshop has been created for the leaders, by the leaders.

1.Focused on helping executives who are struggling in developing effective strategies in changing markets
2.Focused on educating Strategic Decision Makers on how and where to ‘apply’ artificial intelligence in business.
3.Interactive Session: 5 -7 Use-Cases will be explained where AI has created value.

4.Ample time for Q&A will be given.

This workshop is designed to make the senior officers to understand the Context of AI. So that
they can forefront the industry in this data age. This workshop will help the leaders to get ready
for upcoming AI revolution and how they can create a vision for the firm.

Topics to be covered

1.Basic Artificial Intelligence Terminologies (20 mins)
2.Session on Data –Information –Knowledge –Wisdom Framework (25 mins)
3.Applications of AI in Food Processing Industry (90 mins)
4.Relevant use cases in AI /ML for your firm

5.Q&A Session (30 mins)


Decision-makers who need quick and comprehensive AI Capsule.

Senior Officers from government, semi government, PSUs and other organizations involved in government projects.

Senior Internal/External Consultants who are helping the government in various implementation towards AI

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