AI ML Immersion Program

Creating “Intelligent Organizations” by finding relevant AI use cases

In this program, we will be identifying the most relevant opportunities offered from AI technology in close collaboration. The participants will get more familiar with the possibilities of AI. Together with you, we generate a structured approach to generate ideas and opportunities based on a better understanding of your business. The first half of the program industry experts will show the capabilities of current AI technology. In addition,  participants will have the opportunities to play with state-of-the-art AI models.  This interactive session will affect in a better understanding of AI and its potential for your company. In the other  part of the program, we will be identifying the most relevant opportunities offered from  AI technology. In these sessions with breakouts, participants will collaborate to find relevant touchpoints with your business.

1)Identify opportunities for application in your context
2)A structured exploration of the relevant touchpoints with your business
3)Deep dive for experts
4)Creates confidence in new technology
5)Address fears and concerns
6)Fill specific knowledge gaps
7)Understand new innovative tools/frameworks and approaches


Decision-makers who need quick and comprehensive AI Capsule.

Senior Officers from government, semi government, PSUs and other organizations involved in government projects.

Senior Internal/External Consultants who are helping the government in various implementation towards AI

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