Management Development


  • 2-7 Days Customizable Programs

  • For Managers and Senior Executives

  • Build Data Science Ecosystem in your company

  • What are the best AI Practices

AI & ML Awareness

Training Programs

  • Customized In-House Trainings for employees

  • In-Depth Explnation of Topics

  • Hands-on on real datasets

  • Certified Course

  • Training Gap Analysis

  • For Professionals

Leadership Development


  • 1-3 Days Customizable Programs

  • For CEOs, CXOs, and other top executives

  • Industry 4.0 and Artificial Intelligence

  • Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom

  • Identify opportunities for application in your context.

  • Find relevant AI Use-Cases in your organization

  • A structured exploration of the relevant touchpoints with your business

  • Deep dive for experts

  • Creates confidence in new technology

  • Address fears and concerns 

  •  Fill specific knowledge gaps

AI ML Immersion Lab Program

Want to hire IIT Kanpur Certified Data Scientists?

We curated a Data Science marketplace focused on helping growing companies like Algo8 hire exceptional Data Scientists.

A good Data Science professional should ideally have a combination of programming language and statistical skills along with competencies like agility and communication. But there are so many nuances to this role.

Our Trained Data Scientists are certified from EICT Academy, IIT Kanpur.

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