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Domain Knowledge and Industry Expertise – while written boldly on brochures, are missing from many an MDPs (Management Development Programs) by design, because these programs are created keeping a vast market in mind. This results in drab, repetitive content which is further marred by the delivery done by veteran professors who haven’t been on the shop floor for a decade. We have reverse-engineered our MDP creation process by empowering the stakeholders in your organization who will now have a say in adding/deleting content, choosing delivery location and even decide the priority order in which they would like to upskill their officers. These Management Development Programs will be delivered in partnership with leading experts who are practicing in the industry within the same domains so that the knowledge gap can be truly bridged at the end of each program.


Step 1:

Shop Floor Visit

Step 2:

Training GAP Analysis

Step 3:

Prioritization Meeting

Step 4:

Customized MDPs Days/Duration Location Content & Pedagogy

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