Application of Computer Vision in Industry by Sidharth Sharma


In this blog we will know about "The Application Of Computer Vision In Industry". As the name indicates computer vision is the process of analyzing digital images. Computer vision gives our machines (computers, camera, AI) the ability to see the real world as we see it as humans.

Why We Need This In Industry

Face Detection & Access Control: AI-based camera is used to detect faces. With the help of face detection only authorized persons can access the data or premises of that company. Face detection is used in Smartphones, military, business and many more areas.

Advantages and examples 

We can use Computer vision in the camera of our smartphone to detect any object, on face recognition, on virtual games, self-driving cars. The military uses Computer vision for security purposes for only their officers or government can access their information. Recently Range Rover Launched a car in which they provide Lane Assist and Auto Braking System. In this car, there are two cameras fit on the windshield, one camera is used for breaking if any object(car, person) comes in front of the car immediately. And another camera is used to detect their lane. If the driver loses his/her control and goes to another lane the car will automatically go to its lane set by the driver.

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