Applying Computer Vision - simplified by Sidharth Sharma


If you don't have any idea what is computer vision so firstly read my previous blog. In our previous blog, we will talk about " Application of computer vision in the industry ". Today we will know about the "Concepts that we need to know before making a computer vision application or system". In Hollywood movie " IRON MAN" Tony Stark make an AI Robot suit which is best example of AI.


In our daily life languages are used for communication or to understand another person what he is talking about. So in the case of a machine, we have a different language to perform a task on the computer. If we want to perform a task we need to learn those languages which the computer understands. 

For making computer vision application we have known any of these programming languages:

  1. Python 

  2. C++

  3. JAVA

  4. LIPS



Python is a High-level language. It was created by "Guido van Rossum  " in 1991. Python Language is best for beginners . It is easy to read/write and it is easier than C++ because it is interpreted and C++ uses complier . Python has two modes to run the program first one is Interpreted mode and the second is Scripting mode. In the Interpreted mode, you can perform a task without saving it, this mode is only used for verification. In scripting mode firstly you have to save that program after that you will run. C++

C++ use compiler. It is faster than python. To understand this language you have to know the basics of C language. Poor for multitasking. To perform any program it will take less time to execute any program. 


JAVA is a High-Level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems. Java is a simple language because its syntax is simple, clean, and easy to understand. It runs on multiple platforms like Macintosh, Windows, and Unix. LIPS

LIPS is the second oldest high-level language. Lisp was invented by John McCarthy in 1958 when he was in MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology), It was first released in 1984. PROLOG

PROLOG is a logical programming language used to create AI. It is a declarative programming language.

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