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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

As we all know that way back in 19th century the sound, music, background music in movies etc were great but the quality of sound recording was not good. In 1700-1900 the classical music was reaching its peak because there were different musicians for different instruments. But as years passes the quality of sound recording in movies, radios, songs started getting better.

In those days we did not have that much of equipment too like if a music producer wanted to make music of a song they needed lot of people who can play different instruments at the same time. They don't had a powerful tools to store these sounds one by one and make good music by overlapping these sounds. So they recorded all instruments live and if there was even a small mistake by any musician, they had to start all over again which was a very big hassle.

But now things have changed. Today if someone wants to make music, they just need a laptop & a powerful DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that's it. Now you don't need 30 people who can play for you all at once. You also don't need a single instrument. All you need to know is concepts of notes (scales) and a little knowledge of equipment - Boom!! you are a music producer !!

However, you need a good command in your software which you are using. During earlier days if you wanted an effect on any instrumental sound or vocals, you needed to buy big hardware equipment that was very expensive and bulky. However, these days we have technology & that large, bulky equipment has been replaced by little plugins.

But one disadvantage of this is now there are less number of people who are interested in playing different instruments. There are fewer people who want to create new instruments & sound. The reason is all have got millions of plugins which are now expensive and each plugin has different sounds.

These are a few basics that i wanted to discuss. In the next article I will share how these sounds work together to create music! How we can play with a single note and can make a whole rhythm. In subsequent blogs I will also demonstrate how we can manipulate sound in Python by using some libraries & frameworks.

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