Focus (How to do it?) - My 2nd-week #learningAI by Nishant Kalanta

This is my second week of learning Artificial Intelligence/Data Science. I have started Python which is my first step towards learning Machine learning. Last week I saw a video on ted talks on “how to get your Brain focus” by Chris Bailey as suggested by one of my teachers. Chris Bailey is the bestselling author of Hyperfocus and the Productivity Project, which has been published in sixteen languages. According to the latest research is clear: the state of our attention determines the state of our lives. In this video, he tells about how do we harness our attention to focus deeper, get distracted less, and even become more creative? 

In this video, he tells from morning to evening how our life is controlled by our mobile phones. In the early morning, we start our day by looking into our phones -firstly opening social media, then using tv for watching the news and then using laptops for our daily work. Most of our time is controlled by these mobile phones and the internet which causes distractions like notification sound on the mobile phones during work which distracts your mind and divert your mind toward that notification. This notification releases dopamine (novelty bias mechanism that releases this dopamine) in your mind.

For an experiment, he thought of living without mobile phones for the next month where he will be using mobile phones only for 30 min max. At this time, he is going to complete all his tasks related to mobile phones. It took about only a week to adjust to that condition. When adjusting to the condition he saw 3 changes that took in his life:

1. His attention span grew where he was able to focus with more ease without any effort.

2. More ideas were coming to his mind.

3. Plans about features.

When we are doing work in front of the computer we focus on one thing for just 40s before distracted/interrupted before we switch to another thing because of the reason our brain gets carve distraction. As the attention time increases because he was not surrounded by distraction which leads to more ideas and more plans for the feature.  

I just want to say that mobile phones cause distraction, but the right use of mobile phones can be good for us. We should make proper time management for the use of the mobile phone which will make a proper balance in your life. Making you more concentrated toward your work. I use feature phones so as not to get distracted. So, through this article, I just want to say the use of cell phones is good, but overuse can be harmful. As this is my second week of learning and with the help of this video, I was able to increase my attention span by little. 

As a prelude to this course, we learned that AI will merely augment Human Intuition. But human intuition will have to augment itself through the actions of humans. #Focus is thus very important. We also learned that they told us to focus, but they never taught us how to focus. So, I would recommend you watch this video and follow these steps to find your goals and achieve them in your life.

To achieve something, you have to start today take small steps to achieve big in life.

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