Gastrograph: AI that exactly knows what you want to eat - By Priyanka Mehta

Hey there again! I am back with another Article. This article is going to be very interesting. Today I am going to share with you about another amazing app that is ruling the Food Industry. Food is, what we live for and its something that we keep experimenting with. Wherever we go out to have food, we try to taste different varieties of food that we have not tasted before. But we are not always sure of the fact that We are going to like the food. So, sometimes we get disappointed with the food that we have ordered. But, Guess what? To save us from this problem, we have an App called

Gastrograph. Yes, an app. By feeding the app with the flavors present in the food, this app will predict the taste of that food for us, even before we taste it. Also, it is using Artificial Intelligence to create personalized food with our unique preferences meaning we can create our own recipes and Gastrograph will predict the taste of that recipe for us. Is it not cool guys? In short, this app is capable of predicting the preferences of humans in food, even before we do.

What exactly Gastrograph is?

Jason Cohen is the founder and CEO of Analytical Flavor Systems (AFS) who is the man behind this app. Analytical Flavour Systems is a startup based in New York that has developed the "Gastrograph AI".This is the only company working on the flavor aroma.

Jason first began developing the product at Penn State’s College of Information Sciences and Technology in 2010. It started off as a basic AI platform that could tell you what tea you were drinking, its origins, and flavor notes. This platform eventually developed into Gastrograph AI.

Gastrograph AI is the first artificial intelligence platform to understand human sensory perception. Gastrograph AI understands what people taste in food and beverage products and predicts the preferences of the people based on sex, age, economic status, and past experiences. Gastrograph AI – predicts the flavors and preferences of customers at the pre-production stage. It understands the human perception of flavor and preferences, dividing users into different demographic groups and modeling their preference behavior or predicting what they want — even before they do.

Here is the link to a podcast where Jason cohen is talking about his product and what he is offering to the food industry.

Do listen, guys! It is very informative and I am sure you will be amazed to know all about the AI working behind the flavor aroma.

The Tech Behind this Taste Prediction App

Algorithms can’t taste things. So, How can a robot brain predict what a human will want to consume?

Gastrograph AI is a smartphone app that features a 24 spoke wheel. Each section of the graph represents a category of sensory experience relating to food. For example “bitter” and “mouthfeel”. The user maps their perception of the flavor into this wheel by tracing the spokes corresponding to their qualities. The intensity of each is also recorded on a scale of one to five. Then, the taster gives the food an overall rating between one and seven.

The app combines this information with data it gathers about the user. This ranges from demographic information, past experience with the product, socioeconomic status, and smoking habits.

The app functions on the fact that our preferences for different tastes and textures are highly individual and shaped by biology, culture, and personal history. It also collects information about the environment the taster is in. The microphone, GPS, and light meter are all used during the process. Temperature, barometric pressure, and noise levels all have an impact on our experience of taste.

Gastrograph AI then uses this data to model and predict the flavor preferences of certain groups of the public.

Yards Brewing in Philadelphia, AFS’s longest-running customer, uses the tool routinely and many more companies are using Gastrograph AI to preparing the food items that the user will prefer and this tool of AFS's is doing magic in the food industry.

Gastrograph is helping the food industry to make new products and optimize the existing products of the company and helping new companies entering the food market.

That is all for now. I hope this blog will be informative for you. Happy reading guys!

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