How we can link music theory with python - By Anmol Vardhan

Let us discover some tricks that can help us relate python with music theory. I am a musician trying to learn to program in python. It was a bit difficult for me to understand. So I started to relate the concepts in Python with the theory I had learned in music. This made it very easy for me to understand programming. So I thought of sharing it with others! 

As you all know python library is a collection of functions and methods that allows you to perform many actions without writing your code. For example, the Python imaging library is one of the core libraries for image manipulation in Python. Each library in Python contains a huge number of useful modules that you can import for your everyday programming.

So the question arises how can we link music from this and make python easy to understand. In music software these days we don't need to buy bulky instruments or expensive guitars. All we need to do is to install software and in that software, you just need to install some plugins. These plugins contain hundreds of instruments that will give you sounds of every kind that probably you don't own and cannot play or record in a traditional studio. These plugins ease the work of the music producer. The work of guitar & other instruments has been replaced by plugins similarly, the libraries we use in python ease the work of the programmer and they don't need to write whole code but still perform many actions.

This was a basic trick that I feel will be interesting. In the next article, we will discuss how many functions & libraries are there in Python to manipulate these sounds.

So the learning is that a musician can also be a good programmer! Sound is everywhere around us. You cannot open google assistant until the voice of yours is not matched with the machine. Alexa will not do any function until you'll say 'Hey Alexa' in your voice. So how these assistants (Siri, Google Assistant & Alexa) only recognize your vocal & pitch. We will discuss in the next article when we talk about Natural Language Processing. 


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