My first week of learning Artificial Intelligence by Nishant Kalanta

This is my first week of learning Artificial Intelligence/Data Science. I have started Python which is my first step towards learning Machine learning. I personal feel that AI is going to take over most of the jobs of the IT sector in upcoming 2-3 years. This is the most advanced field of the IT sector. There are plenty of jobs for this sector but less no of people going for learning AI. I personally feel this sector will change the whole scenario of the world and this can be a start of new world where AI and ML will have great influence over how things work.

Last week our university start a program for Computer Science students of final year where 20 students were selected by a test known as DSAT (Data Science Aptitude Test) and decided to give them training on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. I was one of the students selected among our final year batch.

Today I want to share one of the topics that I have studied in this first week of my training i.e. “Fundamentals of Python” or “Fundamentals of python used in ML”. These are the fundamentals used by coder or developer for making the program more organized and easier for the other developer to understand while debugging.

Following are the rules:

1) PEP8 (Stand for Python Enhancement Proposal)

PEP 8 is the python style guideline set by the Python developer to make work more efficient and maximize its readability.

2) Indentation

It refers to the spaces that are at the starting of the statement while using loops, condition etc. According to standards 4 spaces is the amount of space left for the indentation or we can use tab button on the keyboard for indentation.

3) Maximum characters used in a line

Maximum characters used in a single line of the python code is 79 character to make the code readable and easy to debug. We use 72 character for comment used in the line.

4) Blank line

It is the line difference between 2 classes, function. It will make code easier and readable for the developer and easy to debug.

These are the following blank line used in the program:

o One-line difference between two function

o Two-line difference between 2 classes

o Two-line difference between class and top-level module (top level module is the parent function which further divide into multiple sub function)

These are the rules which a programmer must follow while writing a code but if he has not followed these rules there would be no impact on the code. These rules are just followed to make code readable, easy to understand and easy to debug.

As I learn AI & ML, I will keep updating this blog week by week so that others who are in the same field can also benefit. If you have any questions, pls ask in comments. 

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