Play your song in 2 LOC: Music Player in Python by Hrithik Sharma

Hello, There I am back with another article as you know I am learning Python for the development of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning but now I realized that Python is not only used to development of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning but we can do many more amazing tasks by using Python as you know that Python comes with many built-in libraries and function. There is also a library which is used for playing any kind of MP3 audio and the fact is that you have to write only two lines of code. This article is going to be a little-bit off-topic because I am not publishing anything about concepts of Machine Learning but It is about additional knowledge I gained that what interesting things we can do with Python.

I learned about this on Tuesday and then I thought that why don't I should share with people who still don't explore yet. So, on Tuesday I put a sticky note on wall as a reminder about publishing an article about this on Sunday. So, here we go.

First of all, we have to install the library by typing the command "pip install playsound" in command prompt. Make sure that your machine is connected to the internet before installing the library.

After installing the library just jump to your IDE and type:

>>> from playsound import playsound

>>> playsound('Location Of MP3')

For Example:

>>> from playsound import playsound

>>> playsound('D:\\Senorita (SongsMp3.Com).mp3')

and here you go the song is playing. So, enjoy the song and your Sunday 😂😂😂😂...

This is all about my this article as soon I learn different concepts of python I'll keep posting. So, there is more to go as I am learning. Until then enjoy Python and Peace Out ✌✌✌........

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